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Association Aviatroglo

Founded in February 2005, the AVIATROGLO (Aviation & troglodytes) Association brings together individuals interested in aviation, local history and, more particularly, the Second World War in Burgundy.

Its aim is to protect military and local aviation heritage, particularly by helping to restore and raise awareness about the old Cravant-Palotte underground aviation factory and its adjoining facilities.

Aviatroglo tries to keep the memory of these places alive by organizing exhibitions, historic walks and guided tours during heritage weekends.

As their logo, members have chosen a mechanical cog wheel, surmounted by a bat to symbolise both the underground and industrial nature of the site.


Since being founded, Aviatroglo has organized several events and exhibitions about Cravant military heritage. Palotte V, assembly centre, V Centre, the station infirmary etc.
These events were a great hit with the general public who were amazed to discover such a wonderful heritage site.

Although the organization devotes much of its time to historical research, it is also involved with the repair of equipment and facilities on the ground - the first steps towards creating a museum space, dedicated to Cravant's aviation history, which will open in the coming years.

Aviatroglo has published two works about the Cravant industrial aviation centre.

Today thanks to the launch of the """" web site, we can find out all about these events on line.

To further expand their knowledge, the organization is constantly looking for new documents or other evidence. If you can help them, please do get in touch!

Visit Aviatroglo and the Cravant factory on line!

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3 rue du coquassier 89290 AUGY
Mobile +33 (0)6 79 59 18 60

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NC 900 aircraft at Cravant convened by la Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre

Visit to the Cravant aeronautic plant - 2007 historical walking tour

Visitors at the main entrance to the underground factory - Heritage weekend 2006

Applying anti-rust paint to metallic structure in underground factory - Spring 2007

Cleaning a blockhouse at the Palotte site - Spring 2006

Reconstruction of workshop at Palotte underground factory - Bailly 2009 exhibition

Fw 190 Air-frame rebuilt by Aviatroglo in 2009

BMW 801 motor lent by Bourget Air Museum - Bailly 2009 exhibition

Restoration of an "SC 250" concrete drill bomb

Assembling dashboard of Fw 190 Air-frame

Visit to the assembly hall - Heritage weekend 2007